Collecting My Scatter’d Thoughts for New Year’s and a Scant Handful of Resolutions… 6

Meter Theou: presbeue huper hemon

Meter Theou: presbeue huper hemon

Happy New Year, Everybody!

I love this day, don’t you? January 1 is a day compact with meaning, of both happy memory and looking forward. It’s a day of smiles: recalling New Year’s Days of old, where you were, who you were with, what you did; celebrating new beginnings, great expectations, luminous horizons. A day of joy and hope. What an awesome way to wrap up the Octave of Christmas!

With good reason, the Church calls today a feast. A solemnity, in fact, which makes it a really big feast, so we don’t just celebrate like everyone else does today — We Feast!

With so much to feast on, my thoughts are like the food on my plate at New Year’s brunch: heaped up, running together, no semblance of order. To enjoy it to the utmost, I’ll start off with desert — my list of things we celebrate today.

  1. Today’s Feast is in honor of Mary, Mother of God. I like to remember, today, that Mary is the Icon of the Church: She points us toward Christ, leads us to Christ, unites us all as one family in Christ. Let’s join the Church in consecrating our lives per Mariam ad Iesum today.
  2. Today is the World Day of Peace. You can call it a day of prayer for world peace. This is a day for looking forward with hope. As the Octave of Christmas closes, let us pray for the Prince of Peace to unite us all as a human family in His peace.
  3. Today is a day to eat. That’s what feast means, people. Do it at your own pace, but enjoy good food and beverage today, preferably with family and friends. This is the righteous thing to do today.
  4. Today is a day to be thankful. That’s why we hug and kiss people today, much, much more than usual. Today, we are supposed to let the people who mean a lot to us know just how much they mean to us.
  5. Today we look forward. We don’t toast with champaign to last year, we toast to a new year. We do it with excitement, vigor, and enthusiasm. Be Optimistic about it!
  6. Today is a day to remember. I will remember old New Year’s Days at The Gingerman in New York for years and years to come. Though I could not make it this year, now living 1,000 miles away, my mind and heart are there in that comfy armchair, in a cozy dim-lit room, sipping ale with good friends. What’s your New Year’s memory? You’ve got to have one.
  7. Today is a day to remember. Remember the poor, remember the homeless, remember the lonely. Remember them in your prayers and remember them in your generosity. If you can, remember to remember them with your time and comfort, when you can. Remember to do this often. If today is meant to be a day of joy, spread your joy to others, especially those who need it the most.
  8. Today is a day of resolution. Speaking of which….

New Years Resolutions…

I tried to keep it simple. Here’s how I did.

  1. I decided not to share any of my resolutions with anyone this year
  2. I decided to break that resolution immediately to not jinx myself (but I ain’t superstitious, Nuh uh!)
  3. I’m keeping this one to myself
  4. More structure to my [keeping that one to myself too]
  5. Blog daily (we’ll see)
  6. Keep it less than 6

I may not keep you posted on how I’m doing with these resolutions as the year goes on, but I will give you some idea of what to expect for the next month.

Today we kick of Pro-Life Month (as I like to call it). We have the anniversary of R-v.-Wade and the March for Life in D.C. this month.

For the past two years I focused my January posts on Right to Life issues. This year I want to up the ante with Pro-Life news from around the web. I’ll be using my “ScoopIt” to gather articles and I’ll dedicate my Friday post to the top stories each week. God willing, I’ll also make it to DC again this year for the March. I’m not sure how to work that out this year, but if God wants it, it’ll happen!

Here’s to a Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year, James!

    As for resolutions, both my sister and I are resolving to go another year with blogging daily (we’ve somehow managed to only miss a single day in the last 21 months…).

    Great post, partner. All the best, as always…

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