1. I love this! Wouldn’t it be fun to be part of a flash mob? Maybe we Catholic bloggers can do a virtual flash mob and all say the same thing at the same time…eh…maybe not as fun as singing in a mall.

  2. Wow! If there is ever a way to reach out in this New Evangelization, especially when their are random acts of violence and terrorism in the world… What a great way to bring Jesus to the masses, via a random act of song and worship! Thank you very much for sharing. God bless!

  3. Biltrix,

    several weeks ago, I brought up the idea of posting ourselves singing Christmas carols on our blogs. Well, yesterday I posted myself singing my favorite Christmas hymn, O Holy Night. Since you were one of the ones interested in joining in, I now throw the gauntlet down upon your doorstep. 😀

    Looking forward to hearing y’all singing!

    I wrote about how to make an audio post on WordPress for any who would like to do so but weren’t sure how. It’s at this link for any interested parties:


    • Thanks, Mr V.! I am up for the challenge. Count me in. Also, Foraging Squirrel, just expressed interest in this in a comment above. I’ll queue here in…

      Calling all Squirrels!

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