An Advent Resource from Fr John Bartunek 9

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Dear RCSD Friends,

As you know, we believe that Fr. John provides some of the best spiritual resources available in the Church today. Thousands of you agreed when you voted his book The Better Part – A Christ Centered Resource for Personal Prayer in the top of the list of your all-time favorite resources. You have also had the blessing of seeing Fr. John in our recently produced video series on prayer and the spiritual life. The good news is that while Fr. John has been busy helping us with Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction resources, he has also been working on another project and you now have the opportunity to access those resources as well! As many of you know, he is in Rome but he just sent us this summary so we could let you know about it:

Brand New Resource: Online Mini-Retreat for Advent!

We just published our first Retreat Guide – a free, online, do-it-yourself mini-retreat designed to help you pray.

It’s called You Matter: A Retreat Guide for Advent.

You can use it online or download it for your convenience.
You can watch it, listen to it, or read it – alone, with your family, or in a group setting.
Use it yourself, and share it as much as you want.
We hope this will be the first of many monthly Retreat Guides, and we hope to improve with each one – but to do that, we will need your feedback!

CLICK HERE NOW to check it out and give us your feedback: God bless you!

Fr John BartunekYours in Christ, Fr John Bartunek, LC


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