Still Haven’t Joined Twitter Yet? Here’s Why You Should 5

If you’re already on Twitter, you can drop all those phony papal accounts you’re following..

Official Pontifical Tweets

93K followers and counting… I’ll bet we can break 1M today

Pope Benedict XVI is officially on Twitter!

So what are you waiting for? Follow the Vicar of Christ on Twitter!!!!

Learn more…


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  2. Was just reading on Twichie the many, many hate-filled vitriol and other nasty stuff from the demonic. Though, like A.B. Fulton Sheen, I believe that “not 100 people in America hate the Catholic Church. But there are millions who hate what they believe the Church to be.” … I use to be one of those who thought the Church was evil because others were saying so or because I trusted my non-knowledge over the true-knowledge of scholars and doctors of our faith. Anyhow, God bless our pope! I am so happy that he has direct communication now with everyone. If I was an “end-times” person, I would say this is proof the end is near because, through Twitter, the Church has reached the ends of the earth! So, Christ should be here any…. second… now… =) .. God bless!

    • “Through Twitter, the Church has reached the ends of the earth!” — So let it be written; So let it be done!

      As for the naysayers, anything public about the Church and especially the Pope is always an occasion for their naysaying (haters gotta hate). That won’t stop the Gospel message from reaching the ends of the earth. Not even the Gates of Hell will prevail! (That’s L’Osservatore Romano’s motto, btw: Non Prevalebunt!).

      God bless Travis, and keep spreading the faith!

    • 😆 I thought you’d say, “Wake up and smell the coffee!” based on your Gravatar icon (I always wanted to tell you, by the way: Cool Gravatar, Noel!). You are right, Twitter is a great social network. Thanks for following us on Twitter and it’s been a real pleasure following you. God bless!

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