And God Smiled After the Hurricane ( 4

Miracles do happen, even in the middle of storms and their aftermath.

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I wanted to share this article, which I found helpful. At times, it can seem like there is not a lot of good news and not a lot of uplifting things to write about. That is when we need to reassure ourselves that there are plenty of good things to write about. We need to lift up our eyes and take in the beauty that’s there. As a friend of my says, “Beauty will save the world!”

And I believe it’s true.

On another note… I want to add, for what it’s worth, I made a joke before the storm hit, comparing the weather map to the electoral map. In hindsight, that’s not funny, but I did not know it at the time. My apologies to anyone who was offended by that – however, I leave it there unless anyone objects, for my own personal motives; I can’t apologize here for what’s not there.

Putting that all behind us, I want to thank everyone for their prayers and for remembering and assisting those in need. Some of my colleagues and I are planning to make some midnight runs to Manhattan to help the homeless with food, clothing, and supplies, and we will not be at a shortage for volunteers to join us on that mission. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Thanksgiving is on the way and will be here before we know it. As everyone knows, this is a good time to give. And the Lord loves a cheerful giver, so don’t forget to be cheerful too!

Regarding the article shared, a similar thing happened to me the other day. After 3 days of darkness (so to say), I was sitting in my room talking on the phone with my Mom. It was early in the conversation when she asked, “So you still don’t have electricity back yet?” Before I could say No, the lights came back on. You can imagine how elated I was.

Mom, if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


  1. I think that sometimes in the midst of trials, it’s easy to forget that all things work together for good for those who love God……….including a midnight run into Manhattan to bring food and other necessities to the homeless, and of course, a well-timed conversation with mom. Keep going, James…it only gets better 🙂

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