1. This video seems to tout American exceptionalism. America’s multifaceted culture (or cultures) is arguably a thing to be admired. But the culture of death which has pervaded it, which a former pope has spoken of, is something to be ashamed of. God bless!

    • Truly our nation’s bent toward the culture of death is lamentable. Today is a day to recall the values we share as a people that make us exceptional, to thank God for the grace of our freedom, and thank the men and women who have put their lives on the line so that we can exercise that freedom. One thing we still have, thank God, is our freedom to live according to our beliefs and our conscience and to express ourselves in the public forum. We are blessed with the freedom to speak out and fight against the culture of death and build a culture of life in this country — and we do! To corroborate JTR’s point below, I resubmit one of my old videos (just to show how great we really are when we stand united under God):

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  3. The heart and soul of the United States is being battled for today, as it has been throughout her relatively short history.

    Yet, although the Culture Of Death (which Biltrix, me, and countless others fight against on a daily basis) exists, abortion and euthanasia are hardly only American practices.
    Plus, America is the only country which has virtually ANY chance of changing or repealing that culture, especially given the polls on who identifies as pro-life recently vs. what they were only 10 or 20 years ago.
    That aspect of the culture is changing, which is why the pro-death forces are freaking out so badly.

    Despite any blemishes, American Exceptionalism is very, very real. And you don’t have to take my word for it, either:
    I brought back-up…

    • Yes, JTR! We all admit the dark clouds that have loomed on our horizon for quite some time, which don’t show much sign of breaking up in the near future. Yet the threats that face our culture and our future do not make up our entire reality. Ours is and always has been a nation of hope. Thanks for pointing out our blue skies and silver linings.

      Happy Independence Day! God bless America! And God bless you and your family, pal!

    • Thank you, Terry! Happy 4th to you and all of Canada too (Because it’s July 4 there too!). Better still, Happy (belated) Canada Day! Still seems fitting to extend those wishes since we celebrate our national holidays within the same week.

      God bless!

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