THE BIBLE — New 10 Hour Epic Mini-Series on the History Channel 20

I just learned about this new mini-series on the Bible, which will begin airing on the History Channel On Sunday, March 3. It looks promising.

Today, it is easy to be skeptical about how the Bible story will be portrayed on TV. This one comes with a good recommendation from Fr John Bartunek, who writes:

I was privileged to see some preview-clips from this new History Channel series, “The Bible”. It’s compelling! They made some interesting choices, and I am sure that if you watch it with friends and family, it will spark some great Lenten discussions. It starts on March 3rd and runs every Sunday through Easter.

The Bible Series homepage has numerous resources (under the resource tab) and preview clips including this intro by the producers, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, to pastors.

You can learn more about their ministry at


  1. Interesting. In my experience, the History Channel has been less than supportive of Christianity and the Church- but I trust Fr. Bartunek (a.k.a. The Beast). I suppose it’s better for the masses to watch this show than the typical television trash.

    • I agree, Pat. Not everything you see on the History Channel is Christian friendly. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this. I hope it turns out to be as good as it looks.

    • Too true, JTR. So guardedly optimistic is probably the right approach. From what I can tell, however, by looking into it, this could be a breath of fresh air. I remember the old series on Moses on TV back in the 70s and I loved it. Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth is also one of my all time favorites. We have not seen anything like those productions on TV in a very long time. Something tells me that a lot went into this production to make it turn out the way it should.

      … But we’ll see. Thanks, JTR!

    • It really looks like they have gone to lengths to please Christian viewers. Apparently, this series was thought out and produced by solid Christians and they consulted different Christian groups while they were developing it. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt for now. From what I can tell though, it looks like it will respect the Bible and not deconstruct or reinterpret it according to modern historical criticism.

      Let’s hope so.

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  3. This looks like it could be good. Yes, guardedly optimistic is a good approach, like others have stated I have noticed The History Channel has a tendency to be Anti-Christian, or unfriendly to Christianity. Unfortunately I no longer have cable but hopefully I will be able to find the episodes online via Hulu, YouTube, or The History Channel site. God Bless.

    • I don’t have cable either, but… I’ve got other connections!!! This series is getting a lot of publicity in social media. I think it’s going to be a hit — I hope and pray it’s also good. If it is then I might start watching the History Channel again… when I get cable.

  4. Frankly, I have given up on the “mainstream” media, I suppose there are pockets of resistance. Perhaps this miniseries was produced by one of those pockets. If so, will there work produce fruit? I don’t know, but I think we get far more out of studying the Bible than we will ever get out of some mini-series on the Bible. At best, that TV miniseries will just be a seriously abridged version of the Bible, and most viewers will have no idea how much that series leaves unsaid. Nonetheless, some people who watch TV can read. Perhaps a few of them will be inspired to open the Bible and study it. Some things we can only pray about.

    Will I watch the series? No. I have never bothered with cable TV, and I am not about to hand my credit card number over for something that’s suppose to “free” ( So I will be interested in hearing your reports.

    • I’m not sure I’ll be following up with reports, since I don’t have cable either — I made arrangements to watch the first episode recorded later in the week.

      I may be too optimistic about this series, but I see it as a breath of fresh air when there is so much trash on TV nowadays and I have not seen any good religious movies of this sort on American or British TV in years (though Italian TV has some surprisingly good religious movies). I loved the series of Moses and Jesus of Nazareth as a kid. So naturally, I was pleased to see a production like this coming to the home screen. It suggests to me that there are some “pockets” in the MSM that still see the value (not just $-value) of providing this sort of family entertainment.

      …Which is basically what it is (i.e., family entertainment). No, it certainly does not take the place of reading the Bible. But I am sure that if this is done well enough there are some people, who are ignorant of the Bible, for whom this series might spark some interest.

      For me though, as it comes with Fr Bartunek’s endorsement, that’s enough for me to say it’s worth a watch. Fr John has a keen eye for this kind of stuff, being a PhD’d theologian and a bit of a film critic (who helped as a consultant in the filming and post production of “The Passion of the Christ”).

      If I find any good follow up news on the series I might share it, if it’s worth sharing and commenting on. Thanks for the comment, Citizen Tom.

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