The Authors

James Stone

James Stone, Biltrix’s main author and editor, earned his Doctorate in Philosophy at Fordham University, in 2008. He teaches philosophy of knowledge, logic, and critical thinking at the Center of Higher Studies in Thornwood, NY. In his spare time he’s writing a book on realist philosophy of knowledge, which he hopes to publish within a year or two. He’s also been know to impersonate Frank Sinatra, from time to time.

Fr Jason Smith

Fr Jason Smith is a priest with the Legionaries of Christ in New York. Since his ordination, in December 2006, Fr Jason has dedicated his priesthood to the Catholic formation of youth in the New York and Bridgeport dioceses. Fr Jason contributes to Biltrix with his weekly Spiritual Lightsthe short homily before the long homily — on Saturday mornings.

Gracie’s profile

This is Fr Jason’s dog, Gracie. She’s our spam killer. We’re teaching her to bark at  secularists.

Fr Jose LaBoy

Fr Jose LaBoy is our resident theologian. He teaches metaphysics and the philosophy of John Paul II’s personalism at the Legion of Christ’s Center of Higher studies in Thornwood, NY. He has a Master’s degrees in philosophy and theology from Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum in Rome and is currently working on his doctoral thesis in philosophy. Fr Jose contributes to Biltrix with his insights on The Theologian every Sunday.

Fr Joseph Tham, LC, MD, PhD

Fr Joseph Tham, LC, MD, PhD. Assistant Professor of Bioethics, Regina Apostolorum Athenaeum, Rome; Visiting Professor, Holy Spirit College Seminary, Hong Kong; Fellow, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights. Fr Joseph’s other interests and hobbies include Chinese style painting, poetry, and calligraphy. We are happy to have him on board as our newest author, writing articles for Biltrix on contemporary bioethical issues.