Christopher Hitchens Dies at 62 Reply

Christopher Hitchens will be remembered for his staunch atheism and pungent attacks on religion.

Here are Christopher’s reflections on Paschal’s Wager. This is a testament of his beliefs, just a year before he would finally succumb to esophagus cancer.

Please, remember him in your prayers, and may he rest in peace.

I think Christopher made some interesting points, based on his perspective. There are, however other, less cynical ways of looking at Paschal’s Wager.

The best take on it I’ve seen so far is from Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. This was the last book he published before being elected Pope. This little book is a must read for all Christians and non believers who want to understand and respond to the tough challenges of this secular age.

Here’s another response to Paschal’s Wager from personal experience.

Do you believe in near death experiences? Whether or not you do,  Mickey Robinson’s amazing testimony will leave you with plenty to meditate on for the rest of the day.

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