1. So she was brainwashed into becoming an anti-choice (a.k.a. “pro-life”) Christian. What does that prove, other than the fact that all of you anti-choicers are good at brainwashing people? Also, what about all of the other people involved with that case who are still passionately pro-choice? Why are you ignoring them?

    • All anti-choicers have been brainwashed, since being anti-choice is all about ignoring proven scientific facts, as is Christianity. I mean, the whole “Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge” story implies that educating yourself is wrong, and you see proof of that every single day, when Christians outright deny scientific theories such as the Fossil Record, evolution, and the Big Bang.

  2. Your misinterpretation of various facts, for example. The Genesis 3 account is not a scientific account, should not be interpreted that way. I’m a Christian and I don’t deny the scientific theory of evolution. The big bang can’t be proven, and even if were true, so what? What does any of this have to do with Norma McCorvey being brainwashed?

    Non sequitur.

    So prove she was brainwashed.

    • So you’re seriously trying to say that the large majority of Christians these days don’t outright reject scientific facts? And how is it possible for people to reject scientific facts without having been brainwashed first?

  3. That may be the picture of Christianity you’ve been presented with (I’m not going to say brainwashed), but yes, I know and know of several Christians who are scientifically minded.

    And you don’t have to be brainwashed to reject scientific facts. You could just be in denial.

    • Again, “several” is not the majority. Prove to me that the large majority of Christians don’t reject scientific facts.

      And what exactly would cause a person to be so far in denial that they rejected scientific facts? (After all, it’s not like people can naturally make themselves deny things like that.) Oh, yes, that’s right–BRAINWASHING.

      • Hanna, please, I don’t personally know the large majority of Christians so the burden is on you to provide the stats that say that they are brainwashed (whatever constitutes brainwashing… you also need to show the connection between what brainwashing is, and who was brainwashed by whom, and by what means they were brainwashed). Your fuzzy generalizations and your hypostasizing with the term “brainwashing” is just fallacious reasoning.

        Any your claim that there’s a one to one correlation between not accepting science and being brain washed is not substantial.

        Don’t generalize so much. It’s unscientific.

  4. Hanna, first, this poll is for the US. The population of the US does not even measure up to the population of Christians world wide. So I could just stop there, but let me analyze the data more.

    Good stuff, by the way.

  5. Again, Hanna, the stats you gave don’t substantiate your claim (and you still have not answered the other questions).

    Here’s more:

    US Population 307,006,550 – Jul 2009
    Source: U.S. Census Bureau

    Number of Catholics world wide: 1,181,368,942

    Now, you may dispute whether Wikipedia is an unbiased source, but Here’s a link to John Paul II’s statement concerning evolution: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_John_Paul_II#Evolution

    and here’s a quote from Wikipedia’s Catholic Church and Evolution page:

    As in other countries, Catholic schools in the United States teach evolution as part of their science curriculum. They teach the fact that evolution occurs and the modern evolutionary synthesis, which is the scientific theory that explains why evolution occurs. This is the same evolution curriculum that secular schools teach. Bishop DiLorenzo of Richmond, chair of the Committee on Science and Human Values in a December 2004 letter sent to all U.S. bishops: “… Catholic schools should continue teaching evolution as a scientific theory backed by convincing evidence. At the same time, Catholic parents whose children are in public schools should ensure that their children are also receiving appropriate catechesis at home and in the parish on God as Creator. Students should be able to leave their biology classes, and their courses in religious instruction, with an integrated understanding of the means God chose to make us who we are.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_Church_and_evolution).
    So your figures don’t establish what you are saying. So will you stop telling me that I’m wrong?

  6. Getting back to the question of Roe vs Wade; ultrasounds are pretty scientific and they prove that the ‘thing’ in the womb that can be got rid of by abortion is in fact, a living person. So you pro-choice fanatics, it is not about ‘women’s reproductive rights’ but about an innocent person’s right not to be killed. Have a look at some ultrasounds of the child in the womb; stay scientific

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