Sharing Our Progress and Appreciation Reply

I’d like to thank all of our followers on for your support over the past three months. Based on your feedback it looks like we are taking it in the right direction. All of your suggestions have been very helpful.

I’d also like to take advantage of this opportunity to fill you in on our progress, now that we have finished the first quarter.

In its first three months, Biltrix has received 4,067 views. 2,449 of those views were in the month of January alone: we’re picking up steam. One of our articles, “How do you talk sense to teens on abortion? Ask a teen,” received 428 views. We’ve posted 44 articles and generated 141 comments, all of which have been very insightful.

Please, please continue to send us your feedback here or on our Facebook page, so that we can keep upping the bar and spreading the good news.

Thanks again and God bless you all!
James Stone

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