Here’s Why the Komen Foundation Reversed Its Decision to Defund Planned Parenthood 2

Hate is viral, according to the true sense of the term. It infects, burns, spreads, and sometimes even kills.

Apparently, the thousands of support and thank you emails to the Komen foundation were not enough to abate the hate mail they received for revoking funds to the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. It was comments like this one, taken from the responses to Komen Foundation’s CEO Nancy Brinker’s Youtube video, where she explained their decision to defund the abortion magnate, less than 24 hours ago:

KISS MY MAMMOGRAM YOU LYING PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE! And [B!ltr!x] you KOMEN for hiring a idealog republican [B!ltr!x] I just gave PP 20 bucks and NEVER another dime to you [B!ltr!x].

The onslaught of overwhelmingly biased media coverage did not help much either. As Brent Boszell observes:

Since Komen’s first announcement only two days ago, these network morning and evening newscasts collectively have cited it more than 13 times. And not surprisingly, these reports overwhelmingly slammed Komen and sympathized with the abortion giant.

This stands in stark comparison to the same newscasts virtually ignoring the Obama’s new ‘health’ mandate forcing thousands of Catholic institutions to defy their deeply held religious beliefs. In total, ABC, CBS and NBC have covered that story a whopping ONE time since the news broke two weeks ago today.

And as a case in point:

The Komen foundation might claim that they will never cave in to political pressure. Unfortunately they’ve caved in to viral hate responses from those who confuse the slaughter of innocent children in their mother’s womb with women’s health issues.

The rage and hatred surrounding this heated issue can inflame a lot of passions — it certainly does mine. But if it incites us to act out, we need to act out in accord with the principles of Christian charity and justice. Avoid venom spewing, name calling, outright lying, and malicious slander. That only puts us beneath the opposition, because they can always out do us if we play by their rules.

The pro-life cause is larger than this. Don’t allow yourself to be affected by the hate. Keep believing, praying, and fighting. The message of love will always win out in the end. In the words of St Paul:

Vince malum in bono! (Conquer evil with good!)


  1. Has anyone researched the relation of abortion to sale of infant body parts for transplantation? I recently came across some information on this that was sickening – can it be factual? Can humans be so inhumane to ourselves? Our world has gone off kilter, as my great grandfather would say.

    • It is sickening. I don’t know about body parts — though I would not doubt it — it’s been established that fetal cells have been used for unspeakable purposes. If you want, I could share some of that information with you, but I warn you that it is very disheartening.

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