Fr John Bartunek: Straight Talk about Contraception Reply

Although the HHS mandate is clearly a violation of the 1st Amendment and an affront to religious liberty, by reopening and drawing heavy attention to the contraception debate, it offers Catholics the opportunity to clarify the Church’s position on contraception and explain, more importantly, why it holds this teaching. Fr John Bartunek’s short article is a common-sense explanation that actually delivers what it promises: Straight Talk about Contraception.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Fr John Bartuned

Because of original sin, however, which weakened our ability to govern our natural tendencies, living out God’s plan for sexuality is no simple task. We can easily let our God-given sexual drive get out of control; in fact, of all our natural urges, the sexual urge is one of the most difficult to harness; precisely because it touches the very core of our vocation as human persons, it especially was affected by original sin. Advertisers, TV and music producers, Web masters, and moviemakers have caught on to this, and use provocative images and music to manipulate us into buying their products. This in turn has the side effect of giving our society an unhealthy obsession with sex.

The tract also treats several sexual disorders that often relate to or stem from using contraception and concludes with questions for personal reflection and group discussion. An indispensable asset for your apologetics arsenal, this article has a clear message: What this country needs right now is Straight Talk about Contraception.

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