A great commentary and reflection on one of my favorite gospel scenes. In fact, I also wrote a reflection on Rafael’s Transfiguration a couple of weeks ago: Hope you like it!


Jesus took Peter, James, and John and led them up a high mountain apart by themselves.       –   Mark 9:2

Whenever this reading visits my life, whether it be in the Mass, scriptural meditation or in the course of my daily rosary, I am transported mentally to my favorite vacation spot – the cabin up north.  Jesus often headed up mountains and secluded himself from the masses to pray and recharge the batteries, and it is a similar journey I take to my “mountain” – heading up to the great white north into the seclusion of the woods to be soothed by the whisper of the lake, reflect on God in nature (and photograph it prayerfully), enjoy some peace away from the world, catch up on spiritual reading and, of course, pray constantly.  In that outer peace and tranquility the inner spiritual life becomes almost effortless…at least, that…

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