1. Medjugore has been continually dismissed by the Church as not authentic. The local bishop as well as the past popes have condemned it. To espouse these copious and rambling visions is in direct opposition of the Church. The Church has spoken, the matter is over.

    • I agree 100 percent, Teacher. This same type of thing happened at Nacida in WI, and BAyside in NY, but they are now not approved, yet so many still fight against that. I have read some of what Mary has said, and there were things that are against what the Church teaches, not to mention the disobedience of the priests that are there. I am very disappointed that this was put up. Mary can speak to our hearts anywhere, but it does not mean the apparitions are true. If people BELIEVE, she can speak to us. Very sad. Wait for the Church; in this case, it is a must, since the local bishops have all disapproved of it, and have asked priests not to bring people there… obedience.

  2. This should not be put up, as this place has not been approved, and there are so many things that are not good. Very disappointed in this. Mary can help us anywhere, but this same type of thing happened at Bayside, and in WI, and are now not approved.

  3. Thank you for this viewing, We need to join in prayer…. praying for our country and the world, Keep up your good work.

  4. I am pretty sure I heard and read that both Pope John Paul II and our current Holy Father has forbidden the faithful from going there. When an apparition instructs a priest or seers to disobey a bishop, which is what happened early on, that’s all I need to know that it is false. Our Lady would NEVER do that. Despite all the cures and conversions, the devil will do whatever is necessary to distract the faithful from Jesus Christ. I would rather err on the side of the Church than to disobey.

    • Again, neither pontiff has made an official statement about the apparitions. We need to wait until the Ruini Commission that the Pope designated to investigate this case reaches its conclusions, which are expected sometime this year, at which time, the Pope will issue a statement.

      The fact that the Pope has gotten this involved in the matter is a sign of how controversial the issue is. Fortunately, the issue will be settled definitively by the Pope himself in the near future and we can all be at peace about it.

  5. Jesus Himself warns us about the cunning of the devil. Yes, Bayside and Neceda WI are false apparitions…they are not of God.

  6. I would like to thank everyone for their posts and opinion. It seems the Vatican will make a judgement on the apparitions before the end of 2012. I will wholeheartedly follow their decision. As to conversions I do feel free to make my own judgement. I found my priestly vocation there in 1993 and wanted to return to thank Mary for all she has done for over the years. I spent about three hours each evening confessing and was able to witness grace working powerfully on the hearts of all who came. If, regrettably, it turns out to be a hoax, the devil still loses as I witnessed true conversions and genuine renewal of love for the faith.

  7. Father: Here is the information I found on a website called “de-construct.com”.

    Pope Benedict XVI has declared Medjugorje “apparitions” a hoax, and issued an official ban on diocesan or parish-sponsored pilgrimages to the Croat-run scam in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a place of fake apparitions in the town of Medjugorje.

    According to Daily Mail,

    [Vatican] has begun a crackdown on the world’s largest illicit Catholic shrine – by suspending the priest at the centre of claims that the Virgin Mary has appeared more than 40,000 times.

    Benedict XVI has authorised ‘severe cautionary and disciplinary measures’ against Father Tomislav Vlasic, the former ‘spiritual director’ to six children who said Our Lady was appearing to them at Medjugorje in Bosnia.

    Vatican News Service reported that the Croat clergymen involved in the Medjugorje scam have already been banned from officiating at services and from involvement with the Roman Catholic faithful.

    There is lots more if you are interested.

  8. Father you are a good and holy man, and saw good from what you witnessed. But the devil can easily pull the wool over our eyes and make us think it’s good, after all St Francis saw him as Jesus on the cross, he tried to fool him, but Saint Francis eventually figured it out. For me it was the comment that one of the seers made at the beginning of the affair. She said that Our Lady told her in one of the visions that the priest that was eventually defrocked was a saint, before his fall. Our beloved Mother knows the present, past and future, she could not have called someone a saint if he wasn’t. God is everywhere and touched your heart even in a hardened place, after all Mudjorje is beautiful, much like my little village in Italy, called Pisterzo. The mountains, the sun, the trees and forests will take your breath away, and miracles will occur where God resides. I am grateful that you are the fruit of that and hoping that there are more. But the sun did not almost fall to the ground and heal hundreds, the water has not miracolously cured any one, but in Fatima and Lourdes it did. Those visionaries lived poor lives, suffered on earth and are true saints, these are the real visionaries that produced true & recognized miracles. Research inside your heart, God touched you and he will never abandon you, he is with you wherever you go. Our church needs good priests, please don’t dislike me for having said this, Our Mother loves you so, I do too. The wintery nights are here Father, if you love the stars go out and witness his beauty. Many times when I look up at the constellation and am astounded by his immense creation, he smiles at me by sending shooting stars, this is the way he communicates to me, who knows he may communicate this way with you too. Thank you for entering the priesthood, you are now Mary’s spouse, beware of the demons they will try to destroy your love for Jesus, your weapons are your frock, rosary and everything that you are, battle well I will pray for you, please pray for me, he is also constantly and always trying to destroy me and my family.

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