What is a fractal and what does it have to do with my faith? Read this reflection from Fr Matthew and find out.

Perpetual Learner

I didn’t give a homily in English this weekend.  This is a reflection somewhat similar to the homily I gave in Portuguese, based on today’s readings.

Have you ever heard of fractals? They are mathematical patterns that are “self-similar” – which is to say, they have identical or similar structures on different scales or levels of magnification.  Put more simply, if you look at one part of the pattern, then zoom in closer (or zoom out), it still looks the much the same as it did before.  The same kinds of structures or patterns happen on the small, medium, and large scales (see the illustration below).

What does this have to do with our faith? In a way, the history of salvation is like a fractal.

The overall story is that humanity has become alienated from God through the sin of the first human beings, Adam and Eve.  Through God’s initiative…

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