Trust in God Reply

Trust. Sometimes it’s a hard virtue to exercise. Yet, when you think about it, you realize you do it all the time. you’ve been doing it all your life, since you were a little child in your mother or father’s arms.

Brings back fond memories, doesn't it?

It’s beautiful to trust someone.

Hard knocks in life, however, can make us skeptical and harden us into cynics. Unfortunately.

Unfortunately, because loss of trust, complete loss of trust, sucks the joy out of life. What’s life without trust? Life without joy.

It’s not meant to be that way. God wants us to trust.

That’s why I think this video on trusting God is appropriate for any occasion in life.

We need to trust, especially when it’s hard, especially in God.

PSALM OF TRUST (Psalm 146)

  1. Long ago, my God, you called me:
    when I had little to offer, you asked me for it!
  2. You trusted me then in small ways:
    and taught me how to be faithful.
  3. Through thick and thin you are steadfast and sure:
    even when hidden or absent you’re waiting for me;
  4. in my pain or distress you say nothing, but hold my hand:
    when everything is grey in emptiness, you carry me along.
  5. Your goodness shines through the fog:
    in terror or agony I still shout for “my God!”
  6. Whatever may be, you have always been there:
    behind my back are your sustaining arms.
  7. You are the one who is calling me:
    and you are the one I can trust;
  8. others may let me down, and I shall fail:
    but you are the one I can trust.
  9. Thank you – the agony has now been resolved:
    since you are the one I can trust;
  10. now I can see you were always there:
    for you are the one I can trust.
  11. Again in the future you will call me:
    you are always filling the unpromising with promise and hope;
  12. yet you will not remove your suffering cup:
    when I’m forced to drink it, I’ll forget about your presence.
  13. As the priest holds up the cup of salvation:
    your trusting spirit feeds my longings;
  14. as the deacon encourages me to share your peace:
    your trusting spirit embraces my loneliness;
  15. ministering trust will come to me from others:
    though they will often fail, when you will not.
  16. You are the one who gives trust to us all:
    you are the one who calls me, and you I can trust.


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