Doubting Dawkins: Can You Prove That God Exists? 6

Must we see in order to believe?

The reason most people believe in God is simple: Faith.

Even if simple faith isn’t enough to convince the Dawkinses of the world, it is enough justify your belief in God. But you can also prove God’s existence.

I’ve included a couple of links below to some short articles I wrote about Dawkins a while back (and 2 more about atheism and neuroscience). Today, I want to introduce you to “Mr. Ministry Man”.

When I found this series of videos by “Mr. Ministry Man” on Youtube, I was pretty impressed. It’s an interactive, fun, and thoroughly logical approach to proving the existence of God. Each video in the series is between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long and you can spend as much time with it as you want, until you are convinced, one way or another, as to whether you can prove that God exists.

Give it a shot. Start with the introduction by clicking on the video below:

If you stick with it, you might learn something or get some ideas on how to dialogue with skeptics, agnostics, and atheists. You could also play around with it just for laughs. Some of the outcomes are hilarious.

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  1. “But you can also prove God’s existence.”

    Then why would you need faith?

    The only reason to believe something by faith is because you don’t have proof or evidence or another good reason. If you have a reason, you don’t need faith.

    • If you don’t accept the proof, and you have faith, you’re good. In other words, there are simple people in this world, who have never heard proofs for God’s existence nor give much thought to the rational proofs or evidence that points to God’s existence, yet they still believe in God.

      That’s why faith suffices.

      Then there are dogmas that are not provable, such as the doctrines of the Holy Trinity, the Two natures and one person of Christ, Transubstantiation, and the real presence in the Eucharist, that one cannot rationally prove. In those cases, reason cannot give fully compelling arguments that prove the doctrine beyond a doubt; thus one must give willful assent in order to believe.

      That is not to say that the doctrines are not reasonable, but only that the objective evidence to compel intellectual certainty is not available to human reason. Hence, the need for faith.

      Why? Because faith requires an act of will free will, and God who gave us that faculty wants us to use it for its highest purpose: Submission to truths that are beyond our full comprehension.

      Why is that reasonable? If we were reasonable, we would know that our intellects are limited and understand that some truths lie beyond our comprehension.

      The grounds of our faith ultimately reside in the authority of the one who reveals. Obviously much more could be said and needs to be said, here, but this is a starter.

    • The NRSV is one of the closest to the original Greek while maintaining vernacular style. However — I know this is a disputable matter for many still — some are not happy with it’s overall gender inclusivity. I think it does well to respect the “Divine Pronoun” throughout.

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