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Wishing each and every one of you many joys and blessings this Easter Season!

Icons do not depict the actual event of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ directly.  To quote from the book: The Incarnate God, Vol.2, (translated by Paul Meyendorff:) “Since about the 4th century, the Church has permitted only two icons of the Resurrection for liturgical use.  These are the image of the holy women at the tomb, and the descent of Christ into Hell.

As Western art and civilization moved towards subjective interpretation and self-expression, artists were encouraged to imagine moments not necessarily described in Scripture.  These images can also, of course, be quite beautiful (think of the Sistine Chapel, for example), but are regarded as religious paintings and not as icons.  Icons are liturgical art–theology in line and color, and not simply the product of imagination, emotions, and a skilled hand.  They are steeped in Scripture…

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