I’m Pro-Life Because… Reply

Why are you Pro-Life?

Thoughts from a Catholic

It’d like to present to you all a little project that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. In this project, I decided to go around asking people why they were pro-life. I was expecting some pretty diverse reasons, but what struck me were the personal stories! How powerful and touching it is when you or a loved one was supposed to be aborted! Unfortunately, in the United States, we live in a country where at any time during our stay in our mother’s womb, we could have been killed and it would have been completely legal.

The goal for this video is to showcase just the tip of the iceberg of all of the different reasons why people support the pro-life movement, and to generate a good discussion.

So now it’s your turn! Why are you pro-life?

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I’m pro-life. Why aren’t you? 

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