Seven Deadly Fallacies in Pro-Abortion Arguments Reply

Dr. Donald DeMarco, a scholar and a gentleman!

Catholicism Pure & Simple

by Dr. Donald DeMarco

We are rational animals, let us reiterate.  This is not a matter for debate.  In fact, it explains why people have developed a long list of invectives for those whose thoughts and actions deviate noticeably from a rational standard:  “airhead,” “blockhead,” “knucklehead,” “lunkhead,” “dimwit,” “moron,” “idiot,” “lamebrain,” “dumbbell,” “dolt,” “not the sharpest knife in the drawer,” and so on ad infinitum.

Nonetheless, when arguments in favour of abortion are put forth by seemingly responsible people, repeatedly, passionately, and under sophisticated auspices, their degree of irrationality can easily be eclipsed and thereby ignored.  We are also human beings who are highly distractible and therefore easily taken in.

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