Biking for Babies vs. Bowling for Abortion Reply

No joke. The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) has already raised $400,000 from its third annual “Abortion Bowl-aThon” to help fund what it calls “reproductive justice” (ironic that they would call it that). They hope to raise another $40,000 for abortions in Washington, DC, from their “Abortion miniature golf-a-thon.”

In stark contrast, the fourth annual “Biking for Babies” hopes to raise $40,000 for 8 pro-life organizations in the midwest:

Bikers will depart from New Orleans on May 21 and ride over 1100 miles, arriving in Chicago on May 29. Seeing as how biking across America for 8 days is far more exerting that bowling or golf, I can’t see why a Bowl-a-Thon for abortion should raise 10 times as much money, especially since the bikers are actually riding for a noble cause, right?

New Orleans to Chicago! Are we there yet?

Please! Up the ante and donate to Bikers for Babies by following this link.  So far they’ve raised less than $10,000 and the race starts in less than 20 days.

Please, spread the news and share their video if you support life. If the video goes viral, I’ll add the following items to my bucket list:

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