Chen Guangcheng to Give Major Speech in NYC This Week | 2

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Chen Guangcheng, the forced abortion opponent who escaped years of home detention for exposing China’s massive campaigns to abort and sterilize women without their consent, will give a speech this week.

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  1. It sounds like we do not know exactly when the speech will be? Thanks for the info. If the past in any indication, the media fawning over this man’s amazing escape from China will suddenly vanish the minute he opens his mouth on this subject. It will be as if he disappears again. The silencing of dissent in this country is becoming frightening widespread–and less from an oppressive government but from our own fellow citizens and the media.

    • The media silence is ridiculous, some times. Yet over time, the pro-life movement has grown immensely. Social media is making a huge impact. I do not think we will fully reverse the trend, but we are saving more and more souls. More people will be awakened to the truth through this man’s testimony.

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