So Long and Thanks for All the Fish! 19

Mimosa Sunset on the Long Island Sound

Hello, everybody! I Just got back yesterday from a getaway in Greenport, Long Island (which explains the recent reblogs and postings w/o any additional comments or reflections from Yours Truly).

During this brief respit, I was able to absorb the beauty of nature and disengage from intellectual pursuits for a while. Well… not entirely.

You can actually hear the ocean in both ears!

Beautiful place, the Peconic Bay.

From “Buglight” Lighthouse with Long Beach Park Sandbar in the background

And now, I’m headed down to Georgia, Where I’m From! I’d like to say I’m taking a train, because that’s more poetic, but I’m hitching a ride with a colleague. I’ll be there with my family for 10 days, then I’m headed back North to give some of my students their final comprehensive oral exam in philosophy.

Then, 2 weeks of vacation! Not sure where yet.

There’s a possibility, after vacation, of going on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. It would entail the “Camino de Santiago” which is a multi-day hike from wherever you want to start in Europe to the Basilica of Santiago. This pilgrimage is not a sure thing yet, but Saint James in my namesake so I always felt that I need to make this pilgrimage. Say a prayer that it’ll happen this year.

After that… some of my comrades have invited me to join them on another vacation for a couple of weeks. I plan on taking them up on the offer.

After that, not sure yet. But one thing’s pretty certain: Postings on Biltrix are probably going to be pretty sparse this summer, folks.

The same probably goes for Fr LaBoy and Fr Jason, since they will be on vacation too.

We won’t be completely out of the loop during this time, but we really would not be in the loop either, if I kept posting reblogs in our absence, since that’s not really our stuff.

So… in the spirit of Biltrix, I bid you farewell with this parting video. We’ll be back, though — just not sure when.

That clip actually has lots of hidden significance for my students. Let’s see if they get it.

Hint: … Dolphin …



  1. Have a wonderful summer. AND, absolutely, walk the Camino and blog about it. You’d be living my dream! But from this foot care nurse to one of her favourite bloggers…..get the best hiking shoes and hiking socks you can afford. I hike 200km every summer and believe me, shoes and socks are the best equipment you can have. Cheers and God bless!

  2. I will miss your’s and the other’s blogs, but am gladdened to hear of such a well rounded summer forming! God bless; & if you have the time, please blog about your travels once in a while. That would be most enjoyable!

    • Will do! And thanks for following our blog. The fathers and I will still be posting periodically but not as regularly as before this summer. God bless and have a great summer!

  3. You will be missed for sure, but rest and fun are as important as our work, as I have found out:>). Have a great, great summer and enjoy. We will all be here when you get back! God Bless, SR

    • Thanks SR! You are absolutely right: All work and no play… Not God’s Will. I’ll be following the blogs this summer, even if I’m not posting daily. God bless!

    • Thanks! I’ll probably do a post a week or so during the summer and will still be following yours and other blogs as well. So we’ll be in touch. God bless and have a great summer!

  4. I suppose I will say ten ave’s and an our father for penance for my jealousy! Have a safe and wonderful time. God bless you and your family and others on your time away.

  5. Have a great time! I hope you are able to walk the Camino. What a fabulous experience that would be–and I hope you will share if you do go! I’ll miss you and look forward to your return–all of you rested and renewed!

    • If I do the casino, I will certainly document it and share it here. I’ll still be following the blogs periodically and look forward to more “iconic” posts on Reinkat. God bless!

    • As Fr Jason pointed out, “casino” was a typo. I meant to say camino. Funny how automatic spell correcting can manage to put just the wrong words in your mouth sometimes…

    • Whoops! I meant “camino.” I wouldn’t know how to document a casino. I think the automatic spell corrector changed it with out my recognizing it.

  6. Enjoy your time off! Vacation is good for the soul and mind, and it sounds like you will be re-energizing both.

    Don’t worry about us peons. We’ll all still be here, slaving away.
    Do us a favor, though: hoist an adult beverage for us.
    Or two.

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