Rick Warren: Chick-fil-A’s owner told me they set a new world record in sales today 11

They’re coming out of the woodwork. So much for the boycott.

It goes to show, we should never be afraid to stand up for our principles in public. CFA did not intend this outcome when they made their position known about the value of traditional marriage. They should have expected the initial outrage from a noisy few. What they ultimately got was record breaking sales.

Now the competition wants a piece of the chicken-pot-pie. Her’s a tweet from Rick Warren to this effect:

“Somewhere, a Burger King ad man’s toying with the idea of having “The King” declare himself “100% pro-life.” LOL — See on full article on hotair.com

WARNING: Fr Matthew Green, my first commenter below, just pointed out that this is a Photoshop job. Scams! Gullible-me… I’m leaving this here as a public service warning. The rest of the article remains unchanged. Comments?

Yesterday I posted a picture on Facebook with McDonald’s, Wendy’s and KFC bilboards (like the one above) voicing their support for CFA. I got lots of comments on that post. This morning, when I checked my FB page, that picture had been taken down. Maybe this is because these chains really don’t support their competition (or maybe it’s just Facebook).

At any rate, here’s a look at what the competition would like to see back at their own stores:

CFA competitors have a reason to be scared. Now the secret is out: Chick-fil-A holds high standards and produces an all around better product:

If you can’t try it yourself, because there are not CFAs within driving distance, I have a suggestion:


Try grilling out instead!

Tomorrow I will post my simple recipe for one of the easiest to prepare and best tasting home cooked meals you will ever make: Beer-Can-Chicken!

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  1. I went to the only CFA in the area (at the North Shore Mall) and the line was so long it went almost half-way around the food court (at around 1:30PM)… So I copped out and had leftovers for lunch instead, back at the rectory.
    The McDonald’s photo is a Photoshop job – the letters aren’t in the same perspective as the sign they are supposed to be on…

    • Photoshop!!!! Blast-it! Duped by a scam, again. Such is the fate of our fallen human condition. Let me rework the post. Thanks so much for pointing this out.

      By the way… how far is North Shore Mall from [the mayor of] Boston?

      • The North Shore Mall is about 45 minutes from the center of Boston (maybe less, but there is usually traffic, so it is often more…) It’s the only Chick-Fil-A in the area, possibly the only one in the state; the next nearest one is in New Hampshire.

    • I should have known about the Mcy’D’s sign. One reason I decided to leave it is because it goes to show that we’re all too quick to judge — or maybe I’m just speaking for myself here. At least I’m not immune. Anyway… Beer-can-chicken, I can’t mess that one up. God bless!

  2. I Never Knew That Jesus Taught Hatred And Indifference? I always thought he taught Tolerance, Love and Acceptance. I think some of you people need to read your Bibles more closely before casting stones hippocrits

    • Funny. I have heard Rick Warren (see the title of this article) talk about the topic of gay marriage numerous times, and his approach was one of understanding, tolerance, and empathy — and I agreed with what he said.

      You see, tolerance really is what this is about. Your comment is actually quite reactionary and anger driven. How are we going to arrive at fair consensus if that is your point of departure?

      The whole point driving the Chic-fil-A episode last year was a brutal lack of tolerance over a simple statement one corporation made about their opinion concerning the nature of marriage. The mayors of three cities came across looking pretty silly when they had to rescind their orders to ban the corporation from their cities after that corporation had done nothing other than exercise their right of free speech in a fair and civil manner.

      You want to squelch that right to freedom of opinion just because it does not square with yours? Isn’t calling someone a bigot just because they see things differently than you do also a bigoted attitude? Are we going to educate people to be loving and accepting by spewing venom at them (like you did)?

      Where’s the tolerance on your end “Jesus Helper”? Who’s throwing stones now?

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