What Do You Know about the Feast of the Assumption? 16

Fr Jack Collins bets “you don’t know Jack… about the Feast of the Assumption.”

For your penance… 3 Hail Marys. Just kidding. Actually, I do have 3 Hail Mary (Ave Maria) versions below and I would like to propose a competition of sorts, in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s feast today. What’s your favorite Ave?

For those who are interested in participating, listen to (at least part of) the 3 Ave Marias below:

  • A Bach/Gounod Ave with Harp and female vocalist on Celtic Woman
  • A Schubert Ave sung by Aaron Neville in Latin
  • A Schubert Ave performed by an Anonymous Opera in German

Let us know which of theses you like best, or nominate another “write in” in the comments below.

Celtic Woman — Bach/Gounod Ave Maria
Aaron Neville — Schubert Ave Maria (Latin)
Anonymous Opera — Schubert Ave Maria (German)

Coming up later today: Aggiornamento! — Hold That Thought…


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