Mitt Romney to Join the Gaffers’ Club 10

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” — Abraham Lincoln

If I were to make a list of all the reasons why I should never — ever — even think about running for political office, the very first thing I would jot down is my propensity for sticking my foot in it. 

That is probably a vain consideration, but I think those who know me well enough would definitely consent with a nod and give me an assured thumbs up for prudence.

Mitt Romney recently showed that he’s not exempt from making idiotic political statements in public. Leaked undercover video or not, I am not about to make excuses for the man. His statements caught on tape were insensitive, offensive, and beyond foolish. Fortunately for him, he finds himself in good company. If you think this gaff should cost him the election, think again. He’ll need to do a lot better than that to keep up with the pros.

Welcome to the Gaffers’ Club

Exhibit A: During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama made this remark about people from Pennsylvania clinging to guns and religion because they were bitter with the government. Many people took offense a that.

Exhibit B: During that same campaign, in the same state of Pennsylvania, Obama made this remarks about not “punishing his daughters with a baby.” A lot of people took offense at that.

Exhibit C: In March of this year, Obama commented to the Russian President that he would be more flexible after his presumptive reelection. Whatever he meant, exactly, a lot of people took offense a that.

Exhibit D: Joe Biden. The man is just a heartbeat away form holding the highest office in the land. Enough said.

Should Romney be condemned for his latest political faux pas? Perhaps. But if he loses the election for that reason, then we truly are going to be faced with a serious problem. That problem is that if our culture is so fickle that it allows itself to be moved by mass media hype to the extent that it cannot face the issues that are at stake — namely, our the right to life and our religious freedom — then the ones who can truly say, “we’ve seriously blown it!” will have to be ourselves.


  1. I’m pretty sure I once saw, unless my eyes were deceiving me, President Obama take his suit off and underneath was a large red “S” for Super Media Man. The man of steel where facts don’t only bounce off his spandex, but actually don’t even hit him at all! Unlike Superman who had enemies, Obama, err. Super Media Man, silences his enemies before they can even fire at him through his media. Among his superpowers: The wink, which causes fainting. The nose-to-air reflex that makes his followers shudder into submission. The super-duper-strength of his mouth to talk out boths sides at the same time. He can leap from building to building, bailing them out (for about a year or so until they reach bankruptcy, but that’s not his fault, and I know this because he is Super Media Man and his media tells me so)….

    Okay… I think I’m done…

    Oh wait! Super Media Man always gets the pretty girl too! Wasn’t it Chris Matthews who felt a thrill up his leg when Obama spoke? Okay, so maybe not the “pretty girl” but at least a “pandering goober”.

    Okay, n’ough said.

    God bless you!


    • Words to the wise! Abraham Lincoln definitely had a point, and today a person really needs to think twice if he does not want his comments to go viral.

      Forest Gump! Loved that movie. Think I’ll rent it this week and watch it again. Thanks!

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