The Lumen Christi Award 13

Of the awards we’ve received for blogging at Biltrix, this one is very special to us.

Thank you!

Thank you, (Urban-Wildlife) Interface, for nominating Biltrix for this award. We are very honored and humbled to say the least.

The Interface, who initiated this award and designed it, writes:

There are many peer-to-peer blogging awards, but I can’t say I know of any that are devoted to specifically to Catholic blogs. Catholicism does have a Readers Choice and there are the Catholic New Media Awards, but neither has that same sort of in-the-trenches/personal/homespun recognition that comes from your blogging peers. Hence, the Lumen Christi award — a simple way of saying  thanks to those who enlighten and remind us of the richness of our faith.

The rules are simple. If you accept the award, display the badge and:
1) Name your favorite saint, and why.
2) Name your favorite part of the Mass, and why.
3) Name your favorite part about being a Catholic.

Linking back to this page is optional.

Please pass it on!

Since Fr LaBoy is heading to Brazil tomorrow to begin his new assignment, we asked him to acquiesce with the Lumen Christi Award rules, before he brings the Light of Christ to his new students. Take it, Fr LaBoy!

1) Name your favorite saint, and why. Pope Saint Leo the Great, because he defended the faith and gave stability to the Church in troubled times.
2) Name your favorite part of the Mass, and why. “The Doxology,” when we say, “Through Him, with Him, and in Him…,” because that is the moment when we (and I as a priest) offer all glory and honor to the Holy Trinity, with Christ in the Eucharist there present with us.
3) Name your favorite part about being a Catholic. Tertulian says that the blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians. My favorite part of being Catholic is being part of that tradition of witnessing to Christ through baptism and faith. I thank God for it every day!

Now the rules for this award do not say anything about how many fellow Catholic bloggers you should nominate for the award. They just say “Please pass it on!”

Great! We would like to nominate the following bloggers for inspiring us and for their excellence in Catholic blogging: Drumroll, please, Fr LaBoy…

(By the way, Fr LaBoy actually does play the drums)

The Interface adds one final note: “This award is intended to be multi-ritual. Know a good Maronite or Coptic blog? Nominate ‘em!”

And we would like to add one final “rule” if we may: “Let your light shine!”Matthew 5:16

About the badge:

NB: One last thing… Notifications for the recipients of this award will be sent out by 10:00 a.m. [EST] Monday morning. God bless!

And, as we are supposed say after the deacon lights the Paschal Candle and says “Lumen Christi!” at the Easter Vigil:

Deo Gratias!


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for the honour, and it is an incredibly humbling honour, especially since today is the feast day of my patron saint, St. Therese. God bless all at Biltrix and may He keep you safe in your travels and your new asignment, Fr. LaBoy.

  2. Wow! That is so kind of you – thank you very much! And I really love your blog too.
    As I am only one of the team at ‘Catholicism Pure & Simple’ I am awaiting news from the others before complying with the award rules above. (I would be happy to go along with your answers; they sound just fine to me! :-))

    • You are very welcome. I think we owe a huge thank you to The Interface for initiating this award. I also want to thank their pastor whose homily on how Catholics need to spark the light of faith in other people motivated them to generate the award. That is what we are trying to do with our blogging efforts. Let’s continue to spread the flame and bring Christs word to all who have ears to hear. God bless!

  3. Thank you so much! What a blessing! I am honored and humbled to accept this award. I have fulfilled my obligation and passed on the award to some worthy Catholic blogs. God Bless.

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