Just had to reblog this. Wonderful prayer initiative. Join us in praying 50 Hail Marys for the 50 states, and then some…


I have been listening to Catholic Radio all week.  They have been playing different recordings of various groups praying the same prayer all over the country. It is the “Patriotic Rosary”.  What a beautiful thing to do, especially today on Election Day.

Each bead of the Rosary, each prayer, is dedicated as a special intention. There are 5 decades, with 10 Hail Marys each–just right for the 50 states.  Each Hail Mary is dedicated to a particular state and every soul in it.  The states are gone through in alphabetical order, each one singled out and prayed for specially.

The Glory Be in each decade is prayed for the conversion of our country.

The Our Fathers for the President, for the Supreme Court, etc . . .  and so on.   Prayers that are much needed, and said with love and hope for the future of our nation.  (And, at…

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