Apologetic Wednesday: Are Beliefs the Result of Where One Is Born? 3

Great post! Reduces the atheis’s futile arguments to the absurd and places the burden of proof back on them, where it belongs.

Walk Good

Christian families raise Christian children. Muslim families have Muslim children (or at least they better be or it is serious trouble). If you are born in India then you are a Hindu. If you are born in America you are a Christian, in Arabia a Muslim, on a university campus an atheist. That is how it works, right? That is what Richard Dawkins suggests. He states in the God Delusion, “If you are religious at all it is overwhelmingly probable that your religion is that of your parents. If you were born in Arkansas and you think Christianity is true and Islam false, knowing full well that you would think the opposite if you had been born in Afghanistan, you are the victim of childhood indoctrination.”

Are beliefs overwhelmingly determined by ones’ family of origin, geographic location, and social influences? Or should we take it even further and add a…

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  1. I’ll repeat here what I posted over at ‘Walk Good’:
    “I am married to a beautiful woman who converted to Catholicism…at 41.
    Going by Dawkins’ theory, she doesn’t actually exist.”

    Atheism takes a much higher level of belief than does Catholicism.
    And supposedly THEY are the ‘realists’?


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