Abortion is Simply Wrong, Here’s Why 6

Ronald Reagan famously said:

Simple logic that somehow evades all abortionists

In this video, Ana makes two things clear: (1) Abortion simply is murder and therefore it should never be tolerated. (2) Anyone who cannot see this is not a reasonable person.

Why do I say that people who are in favor of abortion just aren’t reasonable? It is not because they don’t know how to reason. It’s because they choose to ignore an obvious fact:


Yet the facts are still not that easy to ignore. I think the following clip makes a strong case that everyone — I mean everyone — intuitively knows that abortion is a crime, regardless of whether it is (strictly speaking) legal or not, and that when confronted with the cold hard facts, they cannot evade the edicts of their own conscience.

The voice of conscience can be deadened but not killed. We, pro-lifers, know this very well. For those who think they can ignore, silence, or shout down the voice of the pro-life movement — We’re not going away!

Pro-live vigil, Ireland, Jan. 21, 2013 — Stay tuned for Jan. 25, 2013, Washington, DC

Pics: Thousands Attend Pro-Life Vigil in Dublin


  1. Hadn’t seen ‘Alfie’ since I was in college; not even sure if I saw the whole thing or not. I’d certainly forgotten that particular scene.

    If the Hollywood set really is that self-aware of how wrong abortion is, really,
    …I pity them.

    Their conscience has to feel like a boat anchor.

    Thanks, James,

    • I’m not sure how they actually ‘feel’. Most of them fawn after “our dear leader” so much, one has to wonder whether they even think for themselves anymore.

      Here’s a reflection someone shared on Facebook today, I thought you’d appreciate.

      Over 32,000 unborn children are killed by abortion in the US every day. If they were killed by guns instead of in a clinic, would people care more about it? Would the government do something to try to stop it? Would people still say, “Personally, I am against it, but I don’t want to force my views on others?” Pray for the sanctity of LIFE from conception to natural death.

      He could have added: Would Hollywood superstars band together and make commercials to oppose it?

      Well, of course they would — they’re doing that already. When it comes to children killed by abortion, they support the killers. It’s a shame.

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