Confession Made Easy 14

Mmm... Not really. More on that later.

Mmm… Not really. More on that later.

Lent is a good time to go to confession. So…. How long’s it been since you’ve been to confession?

Oh wait! I’m not supposed to ask that question. Never mind. Here, watch this video…

Confession is just this simple

See. It’s easy.

Okay, not that easy.

Now, there’s even an app for confession, which guides you right through it.

The problem is this app costs $1.99 to install and it does not even give you absolution. If you’ve installed that app, I’d like to hear your review.

But have you heard of this app?

The Laudate App has everything (except absolution)

The Laudate App has everything (except absolution)

Now this is an app! Seriously, if you don’t have this app you have to install it right now. I promise that you won’t be uninstalling this one. You’ll be using it everyday and thanking whoever it was who told you about it. You can go to for a good review and learn more about it, or just take my word for it. It’s the everything, all in one, go to, Catholic app. It even works for sinners.

Speaking of sinners, that’s what we are. And I’m not aware of any technology that can solve that problem for us. So it makes sense to go to confession frequently, not just once a year during Lent. Frequent confession, in fact, is the secret to confession made easy, because when we’ve been away from the sacrament for a while, it seems harder than it is. On the other hand, once we’ve come out of the confessional with our sins absolved, that’s when we realize it’s not that hard.

After all, confession is the sacrament of forgiveness. Isn’t that what we all want and need the most?


    • That’s a good feature! I did not know that because I have not installed that app. Maybe I will now. Have you tried the Lautate app? It’s good!

      Thanks for the reblog, Catholic Salmon!

  1. Thanks for the tip re: Laudate app…going to go check it out. In my first communion class we’re getting ready for first confession in 2 weeks and I’ve been telling the kids the importance of confessing at least once a month. I hope they and their families take it to heart….catechists can only try.

    • I’m sure you have experience how kids naturally Catechize their parents. That’s a great thing you are doing, because when the child innocently encourages the family to practice the faith more, it reinforces those same convictions for the child and thus continues to reinforce the family values. During adolescence, the child may drift, but the family’s faith remains an anchor and later on he or she rediscovers the richness of their faith. I find that confession and prayer in the family, and Mass, of course, are vital practices that bond the family in their Catholic identity.

  2. Hey Biltrix,

    You know I walk into confession with guilt, feeling like a whipped dog, and my head is hung to the ground. When I walk out though, and walk out in the Lord’s “forgiveness” no Angel in heaven is singing any louder then my soul is.

    When I remain in my soul in our Lord’s forgiveness I can truly remain a “Happy Child of God.” Thanks for sharing and God Bless, SR

    • Often it is those negative feelings that discourage people from going to confession. The focus should be that of returning to the father. Of course, feelings of sorrow and remorse are going to be part of it. But as Saint Paul says: Caritas Christi Urgit Nos! — The love of Christ carries us forward!

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    • 🙂 Apps are to smart phones and tablets what programs or software are to computers, basically. The Laudate app gives you all sorts of prayers, daily meditations, Scripture, daily Mass readings, Liturgy of the Hours, and pretty much any go to Catholic resource, like the Catechism at your fingertips. Everyone I know who has it loves it.

      But of course, you don’t need it. Confession and the other sacraments, on the other hand, are essential to the life of a Catholic. There are somethings technology cannot do for us, like all the essentials.

      Thanks for your comment, Reinkat!

      • There really is no hurry. I’m sure you are aware that you aren’t really missing that much. The essentials — the Love of God — still hasn’t changed.

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