Francis Funnies 22

I’m amazed at how fast we are getting to know our new Pope.

The whole world got acquainted with Francis I at light speed, thanks to new social media…

What difference 8 years makes

What difference 8 years makes

He’s one of the family now…

Still, we have a few questions…

But if we’ve learned anything about him yet, we know that underneath the white cassock, he’s a humble, ordinary guy…

And above all…

He’s a man of God.

Here’s a feel for what it was like on the evening of March 13 in Rome. The video’s filming is interrupted near the beginning with the announcement of white smoke, and then the excitement begins…


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  2. awesome, James! Thank you! The Black Smoke Thrill now became the Pope Francis thrill… let us pray for him and the whole Church!

  3. Reblogged this on 1catholicsalmon and commented:
    I just had to reblog this from Biltrix….! Brilliant. The more I learn about our new Papa, the more I like him.
    To add a little news of my own:- A colleague approached me today to tell me about the experience her daughter had on meeting our new Pope at after conference in Argentina. She was catching the tube back home and he was on the same tube (he as a Bishop then). They chatted about the conference and asked questions to and fro. He found out that she was heavily involved with ALPHA, and at the end of the trip his parting words to her were: ‘I am blessed to have met such a young Catholic with God in her eyes.’
    What a beautiful thing to say….and now the once marvellous Bishop is Christ’s representative here on earth…the leader of the Universal Church. I’m so pleased this anecdote was shared with me, so I in turn thought that this little story will warm the cockles of your hearts as well.

    • I know what you mean. And believe we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg. Do we need more evidence that the Holy Spirit is in charge? What more could you ask for? And at the same time, what a beautiful surprise!

      • We are doubly blessed at this time (and boy, do we need it!) with Pope Francis’ humility and love, and Pope Emeritus Benedict’s devoted prayers for us all.

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