Live from New York… The Passion of Christ 11

Live Stations of the Cross, 2013

Live Stations of the Cross, 2013

How I spent Good Friday…

Yesterday I had the honor and privilege of working with the RC Mission Corps during their Good Friday Mission to the City of Manhattan.

It was s special privilege for me this year, since I directed their live performance of the Stations of the Cross.

I cannot go without thanking the acting, film, and editing crew for their professional work — Well done, Team! Thanks to your help we were able to produce this highlights video very shortly after yesterday’s performance. But I have a hard time calling this a performance, because it was not an ordinary performance. The Living Stations of the Cross is first and foremost a living prayer.

Special thanks to Monsignor Siccano, Fr Jonathan Morris, Old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and of course the missionaries.

God bless everyone and have a Happy and Holy Easter!


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  2. Wonderful! Thank you to those young people who share their faith so boldly. They are a gift to us all.
    I very very rarely look at videos of any kind, but I did watch this one. It was great, and I was especially moved by the ending. The “laying in the tomb” in front of the altar, with the image of the Resurrection behind . . . brilliantly done!
    Happy, Blessed Easter to you.

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