I’m Going Fishing 22

Because that’s what we do right after Easter

Left side, boys! Try the left side.

Left side, boys! Try the left side.

In the spirit of Easter, I’m taking a play from the Saint Peter’s playbook. That is to say, I’m going fishing.

Which is to say, Biltrix is taking a week off until Divine Mercy Sunday.

I’ll probably also throw a line in the water out at Lake Lanier before the week is over, just to say that I actually was fishing,  but my goal this week is not to catch fish but rather to catch up on some spiritual rejuvination, sort of a personal retreat. What better time is there to do that than right now as we contemplate the new life and new creation the Risen Lord ushers in at Easter.

To my dear WordPress friends. I’ll probably sporadically pop over to check out your posts and comment while I’m on my spiritual vacation — because you all give me lots of inspiration. Otherwise, I’m off fishing this week.

God bless you all and have a happy and holy Easter!


  1. Thanks to Biltrix…This lent and Easter has been so fruitful due to ….being able to glacé at a sentence or two during the day to keep spiritual balance and perseverance in the face of daily difficulties is a joy

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  3. You are probably back home cleaning the fish you caught…or frying them up in a pan as I am writing this, so…welcome back home, hope your soul has been replenished! Happy EasTeR!

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