Breakfast on the Lake Shore 11

Like the Apostles, we all need reassurances and reminders.

Ordinary events in life  can weigh on us and wear us down over time. That is why Jesus often reveals himself to us through the ordinary. At work, at breakfast, through ordinary people — He is there to life us up, though sometimes we do not recognize him at first.

So it was with Jesus’ apostles.

After his resurrection, Jesus appears to his apostles numerous times to renew and strengthen their hope in his message.

It seem odds that Jesus would show up out of the blue and spontaneously cook breakfast for his Apostles. But what else should we expect from a close friend?

The first reminder: Jesus is our friend, our close companion, and our consoler. He is there to encourage us when we need him.

We can easily empathize with Peter’s frustration when Jesus asks him “Do you love me?” for the third time.

Does Jesus have to ask this question when he obviously already knows the answer? Yes and No. Jesus does not ask it for his own sake. It is another reminder for Peter and for us.

The routine of ordinary life can easily take its grip on our mind and heart.  So we need constant reminders that help return our focus to where it should be. Jesus does his part by shaking us up a bit from time to time. Here’s how we can be sure to do our part.

To be more in tune with his inspirations, make prayer time an important part of your day and try to include it in the ordinary moments, like at the office, before meals, and with your family at home.

Even just a short 10 minutes of prayer makes a remarkable difference in our day.

A Prayer to See Jesus More Each Day

Saint Ignatius Loyola used to pray to know Jesus to the point where he could not but love him, and to love him to the point where he could not but follow him. This prayer was popularized by the Gospel Musical Godspell in the song “Day by Day.”

The essence of this prayer is played out in today’s Gospel.

Jesus wants Peter to follow him, but before he can follow him, he must first love him. Before he can love him, he must know him.

This is why Jesus appears to him and to us in odd yet ordinary ways — in answer to our prayer to see Jesus more clearly, Love him more dearly, follow him more nearly, every day in ordinary life.

Because that’s where Jesus is.


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  2. Great post Biltrix and hope all is well with you and yours. Have missed you! When I was reading this all I could think about is how truly precious Jesus is. He is just so sweet and loves us so much. He desires to be our friend, and we should make Him our “best friend.” As St. Faustina said, “Inflame my heart to love You more!” Thanks for the post that made me think of these things! God Bless, SR

    • Jesus calls us his friend and he lays down his life for his friends. Who could not love him in return?

      I’m doing my best to keep up with the blogs, SR. I just relocated in Atlanta and I’m still in the process of getting settled. Hope to have my feet secure on the ground very soon and be able to give more time to sharing with you and my WordPress friends. God bless you! And thanks for your friendship.

  3. “…see Jesus more clearly, Love him more dearly, follow him more nearly”…
    OK, why do I want to start singing tunes from Godspell all of a sudden…?

    Great post, James, and a nice reminder. God IS everywhere, if we but look for him.

    • Godspell is a fun musical and the music is catchy. That particular song sticks with me, because the meaningful prayer that it is based on is one of the underlying repetitive themes of of St Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises. Every devoted Christian should find a way to do this retreat at some point in their life.

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