Mission Corps Jamaica Mission Trip 9

The Mission Corps Volunteers are about to wrap up  their year of missionary service. Some of them will spend the summer getting ready to go to college next year and a few have decided to give another year of their lives to the mission.

This is a video of their recent mission trip to Kingston, Jamaica with the Missionaries of the Poor.

The New York Mission team met up with fellow Mission Corps teams from Chicago and Atlanta for 7 days in Jamaica. An experience that touched many lives, including their own.



Earlier this year they participated in a similar mission in Nicaragua and most recently they attended the March for Life in Canada — What an event that was!

I’ll fill you in on the details of that trip soon.

In the meantime, I would like to thank our missionaries for a great year. I wish you all the best and will remember all of you in my prayers — and we’ll be sure to stay in touch.


  1. Inspiring, thought provoking, knocks us out of our complacency. Thank you and God bless RCMC and the people who were served by the Mission Trip. I have friends who have served in the same mission in Jamaica and a daughter who has served 3 mission trips in South America so I’ve seen how life-changing these trips are. My daughter met the Avengers at March for Life in Ottawa, Canada and had her picture taken with them. It’s a small world.

    • It’s a small world indeed! The Ottawa March for Life was great.

      Missions are a beautiful life changing experience. Hard, challenging, and rewarding beyond all expectations every time. The Lord will never be outdone in generosity.

      God bless you, Terry!

  2. Wow! Beautiful testimony and work reaching out to people in such need with God’s compassionate care
    Grateful to all for all their efforts

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