Is This Guy Catholic? 10

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

Yes, he is. But I wasn’t referring to Steven Colbert.

But to this guy.

Garry Wills

Garry Wills

Gary Wills, the author of this farcical piece of heresy: Why Priests?: A Failed Tradition.

Whatever one might think of Stephen Colbert, one needs to watch the video on CathoLink (sorry I could not post the video here), where Colbert demolishes Wills’ goofy opinions on Catholic doctrines of Transubstantiation and the ministerial priesthood in the Catholic Church — not to mention his Catholicism (lack thereof).

Wills’ Theological position would be  laughable, if they weren’t just plain sad. It’s sad that a man can teach the things he teaches as being Catholic. He should just get honest and say, “These are the reasons why I can no longer call myself Catholic.” And put it simply by saying, “I no longer agree with the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church.”

That would be more respectable than insisting that a person can remain a Catholic in good faith, while insisting that Catholic dogma on essentials of the faith is, in his words, “Wrong.”

Or as his book’s title says, outright, “A Failed Tradition.” 

So then, Gary, you are no longer a part of that tradition? Then say it! And stop deceiving and confusing other people — whether they are Catholic or non-Catholic — by insinuating that you can be Catholic and anti-Catholic at the same time.

On the page with the video I linked to above, you will also find this YouTube video from Fr Robert Barron. As always, Fr Barron offers a brilliant, insightful analysis.


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  3. Our reading group once read a book by Mr. Wills–and I asked myself the same question as we studied it.
    We’d probably have a much better time delving into Stephen Colbert. I enjoyed that link!

    • Thanks Reinkat.

      Pope Paul VI said — this is going to be strong — “The smoke of satan has entered the Church.”

      He was speaking of descent, especially among academics and theologians within the Catholic Church. The media gives a voice to Catholics who challenge the Church on doctrinal issues. Usually, it happens with respect to moral teaching, such as contraception, and sometimes on dogmatic issues, such as the ordination of women.

      This man, however, attacks the fundamental dogmas of Catholicism. When you attack the Eucharist, it’s a stab at the heart. No less than that.

      This is not to say that there is no room for discussion or debate on any Catholic teaching. I found a good example of healthy discussion this morning from my old friend, Fr Jonathan Morris, who is a contributor on FoxNews. In this article he is discussing the issue of priestly celibacy. I really liked the way he put it — very balanced, brief, and to the point.

      It is a short clip, if you have the time.

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  5. The church is not and never has been free of deception from within. That is no reason to cave in to the deception. When we know scripture it becomes evident as you aptly point out and we can, “…take those thoughts captive…” bind them and cast them away. But we must be knowledgeable to be aware. You are a light in the darkness that tries to engulf God’s own.

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