Advent Tip: Learn from Mary 7

The time leading up to Christmas is often packed with things to do, people to see, gifts to be wrapped, cards to send, travels to be planned, and parties to attend. This is all well and good and even important. It can even be helpful, if we live it properly.

So, tip number one for living Advent well is not to cut back but to step back and remember the meaning behind everything we are doing.

Mary and Joseph certainly had a lot to do leading up to the birth of Jesus too. It is not hard for us to image Mary pausing to reflect on it’s meaning along the way. She carried the infant in her womb and in her arms throughout it all. Let’s imitate her and pause before we write a card, wrap a gift, attend a party. If we carry Jesus in our heart, the business of Advent can be spiritually fruitful.


      • Thank you and you are welcome! It is now a gift for all! However, I still want a copy of the complete top-ten list (a la David Letterman…my ex-boss) so I can deliver your speech to my family. And I love the “John the Baptist” part. So funny…I am surrounded!

  1. And apparently, I JUST became your 1,000 & FIRST like on FB. It might have been a neat number (so sorry for messing that up) but since we were the LAST event at Thornwood, I thought of Matthew 20:16: “So the last shall be first, and the first last.” Righto!

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