Advent Tip: Who Is My John the Baptist? 4


John the Baptist is a prominent figure during the Advent season. We see him announcing the coming of the Messiah along the banks of the Jordan, washing people in baptism, and not holding back any words in calling people to conversion.

I believe God sends John the Baptists into our lives. People, places, circumstances, events, moments that remind us: Jesus is here, Jesus is coming, Jesus lives. These are the comfortable “John the Baptists.” At other times the Baptist comes with words calling us to change and conversion–perhaps it’s something a spouse, a coworker, our children, or a friend said that bothered us, got under our skin, but deep down we know it’s true, and we need to change.

Perhaps it would be beneficial to take a moment and reflect, asking ourselves: “Who or what is my Baptist this Advent?”


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    Thought you’d want to know…

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