Why Choose Life? Because If We Don’t, Miracles Like These Might Never Happen 4

Give me a chance to do great things in this world

Give me a chance to do great things in this world

Jennifer Bricker was an unlikely champion gymnast.

She started at age 7 on the trampoline with her dad and by high school she was tumbling champion of the state of Illinois. How did she have the attitude to persevere in life and overcome every obstacle? 

Determination, skill, an undaunted can-do spirit, of course — but first and above all else, a person needs an opportunity.

Jennifer had that opportunity. Because she first had the gift of life, she had the chance  to achieve and was able to accomplish great things. Now she is an inspiration to others.

This is why we must always choose life, because every person deserves the chance to inspire us with miracles!


  1. This is a great article but the meme you feature has a misspelling and I am hesitant about sharing this because of the error. People get stuck on things like that and fail to receive the main message.

    • Thanks for considering to share this article and for pointing out the spelling error, Mithriluna. I did not catch that. When I have time, I will look for another one to replace it.

  2. I have been looking at the wonderful posters, videos, etc, and they are striking and moving, making their point so profoundly.
    And I have a questions: where are these seen? Only on blogs? On YouTube where mostly people who are already convinced will click on them? I don’t notice them on billboards, in magazines or newspapers, or on TV. With such massive publicity in every media from the pro-abortion side, what are the efforts of prolife to state their case to the general public?
    I hope that people can put together ideas and resources, and make these images even more widely known. I just wondered about this, as I looked at your recent posts.

    • I know what you are saying, Reinkat. The MSM does not report news from a pro-life perspective. Imagine if they did, what a difference it would make. However, polls are indicating that the younger generations are more pro-life by a very significant margin these days. Where are they getting this from? I’m not sure. I think social media plays a large role in this, but that can’t be the only factor. Whatever it is, it should be a cause for hope.

      I get my stories, posters, and videos by searching for them using various forms of social media. To be honest, I don’t spend too much time on it, but I do take time to look for it. There is A LOT of good stuff out there. If I could dedicate more time to it, I can’t imagine how much I’d uncover. There are numerous sites dedicated just to pro-life and bloggers who just focus on pro-life stories. I’m only dedicating the month of January to this on Biltrix (of course, I don’t just forget about it at the end of January).

      I think it is also important to realize the number of good websites and bloggers who promote and dedicate themselves to concerns like religion, human rights, and other important issues that we don’t see covered by main stream media. They have a huge impact as well.

      So I really can’t say who sees what and how it gets to them, but I do believe one thing: the principle of the mustard seed. We don’t know how it grows but it grows. AND many birds will rest in its branches. It is hard to see that happening when the secular culture is so aggressive, but I do see it — every day — Thank God! It is happening and it happens every day.

      I could say more, so… more on this later, because… We’re only getting started!

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