Sometimes God Has Other Plans 2

Today, I was going to help some high school confirmation candidates with a pro-life memorial project at Mary Our Queen Catholic Church. The plan was for the 20 kids to erect 50 white crosses for unborn children who died in abortion. Not to difficult, right? 

By sunrise it was clear our plan should have been to build an ark. The forecast was for heavy downpours, a tornado watch, and lots of thunder and lightning. Not a good day for kids to be outside driving metal spikes in to the ground.

Sorry, guys! I hope you had a good confirmation retreat. Thanks for coming out today. You know it’s not just the thought that counts, by the way. It’s your sacrifice!

By now you know what I had planned for today’s Pro-Life post. But God had other plans!

So, we’re keeping it simple for today. Tomorrow’s post is for the Feast of our Lord’s Baptism — we’ve got plenty of water for that. Our Pro-Life memorial will have to wait until Tuesday.


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