If Ultrasounds Make No Difference, Why Do Abortion Activists Oppose Them? 8

Image: LifeNews.com

Image: LifeNews.com

By Cassy Fiano, LifeNews.com

“A rash of mandatory ultrasound laws across the country have had abortion advocates outraged. To them, it’s unnecessary and akin to rape, and it pressures and guilts the poor, poor women who just want to kill their unborn child and get on with their life.”

Yet still, the author observes:

“Abortionists and clinic staffers alike testified that ultrasounds do change women’s minds. Ultrasound images are powerful enough to make the founder of NARAL, Bernard Nathanson, renounce the pro-abortion movement and spend the rest of his life fighting to defend life. Pre-abortion ultrasounds have been described as emotional torture. Maybe most women who get an abortion aren’t swayed by seeing an ultrasound, although it’s important to keep in mind that this study was based off the records of one abortion clinic in Los Angeles. But the key in what infuriates abortion advocates so much probably lies in the women who are unsure, the ones who are likely to change their minds after seeing their unborn baby.”

“So the question is, if the ultrasound doesn’t ultimately matter, then why do abortion advocates protest them so fiercely? What are they trying to hide?”

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  1. ANYTHING which highlights the truth: that this is a child, and not a mass of tissue, must be destroyed.

    The folks behind the Salem Witch Trials were, in comparison to today’s pro-abortionists, …fairly open-minded.

    • Open minded? Dare I use the word (mind control?)….

      Sometimes, my friend, I’d just rather not follow the news. But, you know, if we didn’t keep our eyes open, just think of what we’d miss. So much good. There’s so much beauty out there. We have to keep an eye out for everything.

      • Exactly, James.

        Part of the reason I started blogging in the first place: to call out the bad, and still celebrate the good.
        You and your buddies do a wonderful job over here of the SECOND part of that especially.

        We are not called to hide, but to fight on behalf of the Truth.
        And so fight we must…

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