You’re Unique! Just like everyone else. 4

A wise friend of mine used to say, 

“Always remember, you’re unique…”

“Just like everyone else.”

What I never understood was why that last line burst everyone’s bubble but mine, every time. I guess that just confirms I’m unique, and in that sense, not exactly like everyone else.

I like it that way, because I also enjoy getting to know each person’s uniqueness.

I have another friend who’s a Chinese-Canadian, born in Indiana — try and figure that one out. One time he remarked, “I need to figure out, am I Chinese, Canadian, or American?”

I thought I’d cheer him up with a bit of mundane wisdom, so I shared this sage advise, “You’re unique, just like everyone else!”

He dropped his head in despondency.

Now this guy (call him Adam) was very intelligent, one of the most gifted people I know, of all the gifted people I know. So I thought this might help him to relate. I said, “You know, Adam, we can’t all be Thomas Aquinas. If everyone was a Saint Augustine, why would we need Saint Augustine? And if everyone was like the Curé of Ars, who evidently was not that good in school, what would make him so special?”

Adam was still perplexed. “So they weren’t really like everyone else,” he remarked.

“Sure they were,” I responded. “Each of them was unique, just like you!”

That cheered him up!

Learn to love everyone and get to know them for the unique person they are. Learn to love yourself the right way — Because God made you a special gift to others.


    • Reminds me of what Orwell once wrote: “Everyone’s unique; Some are more unique than others.” (Not exactly what he actually wrote, but almost the same idea…)

    • Sometimes I probably spend too much time on the photos. This time the penguin theme just occurred to me and there was ample material from the “March of the Penguins” documentary. Thanks, Reinkat!

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