Blog Challenge: The Sound Of Silence (SOS Venezuela) 7

In response to this week’s blog challenge, (which I picked up on over at Defy the Narative):

The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

Why Has the Government has Silenced the Media and shut down Twitter in Venezuela? Find out

Please take a moment of Silence to Pray for Peace, Freedom of Speech, and Justice for the people of Venezuela 


  1. I am so grateful you posted this, Father. Many prayers for the nation! Many prayers for the priests and religious there in youth ministry including Fr Josef Hare ordained Dec2013, Fr Julio Marti, Fr Alvaro Garcia and Bother Diego Cordoba LC.

    • They are all in my prayers. I have many close friends from Venezuela. It is a beautiful country with wonderful people. We must give them our support. Thank you for joining us praying for peace, freedom of speech, and justice for Venezuela, Anne(Catholic)Elizabeth, and God bless you!

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