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Interactive iPad app that explains the Catholic Mass and more

Interactive iPad app that explains the Catholic Mass and more

I refuse to pay more than 99-cents for an app — normally. Usually, I only download the free ones.

This new Catholic app, “The Mass Explained,” is so brilliant and so useful, it’s not only worth the $25, it’s worth buying an iPad just to have it. How could you justify paying $25 for an iPad app? I’ll get to that in just a moment. First, you need to watch this video:

If this post is starting to sound like a gratuitous plug, it’s not. I really just want to get the word out about this great teaching and learning tool, because I think every Catholic parent and educator needs to see this.

What is the Mass Explained app about?

As the title suggests, it is a look at the Catholic Mass. More specifically, the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite. While the 300 page app frequently references the Extraordinary Form (the Latin Mass) as well as the Orthodox liturgy and other rites, its focus is on the Mass with which most Catholics are familiar.

page-045Here’s why you might want to buy this app:

  • If you are a catechist, RCIA instructor, CCD teacher, this app is an incredible teaching tool
  • If you are looking for an engaging method for your kids’ religious instruction, this is the app you are looking for
  • If your group study wants to take on an exciting and new approach to deepening their faith, this app is worth exploring
  • If you want to learn your faith better and delve deep into the treasures of the Church, you need to check out this app

Plus, they offer a 50% educational discount for religious ed programs with purchases of 20 or more.

The app includes a plethora of slideshows, 360° panoramas, interactive maps, spinning 3D objects, solid scholarship, and sound Catholic teaching.

Did I mention they even have spinning 3D objects? You need to check this out!

If you still have questions or want to learn more about “The Mass Explained” Catholic app, you should visit their homepage, see their FAQ section and learn more about it.

Is it worth paying $25 to download this app? I think of it as buying a book. You can find several books that explain the Mass faithfully and clearly, but you are not going to find a book that’s this engaging, this versatile, this interactive, and this cool!

My friends, this is what iPads are for. I haven’t seen a better interactive tool for teaching and explaining the faith. If you know of a better one, please, let me know!


  1. I downloaded this App last week and it is absolutely fantastic. It is presented in a way that both adults and children (my boys are ages 10 and 6) can get a lot of out of it. I am not much into paid Apps but this one and the Divine Office App are two of the best despite their cost.

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback, William Ockham. It’s great to know that 6 -10 year old boys (and girls) can get a lot out of it, and adults as well. This resource has so much potential. I hope more people will find it and use it. God bless!

  2. Yeah, maybe it does seem like a commercial–but some things are worth talking about and endorsing! Thanks for sharing this. Perhaps one day I might even enter The Age of Technology and get some of these electronic devices I hear so much about. An iPad. hmmm.

    • Though I’m sure you might have already read it, here is what the FAQ section says about The Mass Explained on droids:

      Is there an Adroid or Windows version?

      The authoring tool used to create Mass Explained is capable of exporting an app for both iOS and Android tablets. However, an Android version of the app will not support 360º panoramas, inline videos, horizontal swipes or a host of other features that make the Mass Explained innovative. Consequently, the user experience on an Android tablet would be far inferior to one on an iPad.

      We refuse to release a crippled or compromised Android version of Mass Explained. An Android version will be available only when the app performs identically on both platforms. At this time we cannot speculate when this would happen—it is up to the developer of the authoring tools we’ve used to work out the disparity between platforms.

      This probably means it is just a matter of time before they can do spinning 3D objects!!! on the android screen. But it took the guy 3 years to develop the app for iPad. Let’s hope he learned a thing or two and can develop it for other platforms more quickly.

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