Lenten Simplicity 4

Lent is a privileged time to simplify our lives.

Taken this morning in the sacristy of the Sisters of Life.

Taken this morning in the sacristy of the Sisters of Life.

There is so much coming at us daily, both good and bad, much like the dragnet that is cast into the sea and pulls in fish of all kinds. What is good needs to be cherished; what is bad needs to be set aside. Fasting and Lenten sacrifices purify us so we can live more fully what is good, noble, just, pure, and worthy of praise.


  1. I find it so disappointing to find no simplicity in the spirituality that is preached or lived. I feel I’m in a desert and belong nowhere. It’s either the “touchy feely” spiritualism of blind leading the blind or apologetics for its on sake. My God, my God why have You forsaken me??😕😕

    • Cynthia, regarding this point, I think you may find Fr Thomas Dubay’s enlightening and challenging book, “Blessed are the Poor” helpful. He points the way to a simple and frugal and sharing Gospel based life, which is the life Jesus lived.

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