Mission Youth Evangelization: Carrying the Cross in New York City 7

Good News!

That is what the New Evangelization is about and what Mission Youth missionaries did on the Streets of Manhattan on Good Friday.

Over 50 high school missionaries carried the cross from Central Park South, down Broadway, to Old St Patrick’s Basilica in Soho — over 70 city blocks — to remind people of Christ’s sacrifice on Good Friday, and to ask for prayer intentions (which they nailed to the cross).

I promised a fuller account of the mission this week. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for one more day… I planned on posting that today, but I just got “called.” The good news is I have a short video that lets them tell their story — their joyful faces tell it all!


  1. Excellent video, James, and a wonderful testament to the faith of so many of our youth today.
    It’s the most positive of signs, and a great source of comfort (at least to me)….

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