Fast Food Vs. Motherhood 6

In the today’s world, we are trained to have a “right now” mentality:

  • fast food
  • around-the-clock help-desks
  • overnight delivery
  • Internet shopping
  • 24-hour gas stations…

We have a mental and emotional habit of expecting results “right now.”
But Jesus taught us so often that the Kingdom of God, our transformation in Christ, is like a mustard seed, that takes time to grow; a farmer’s field, that only gradually produces its crop; a diligent merchant, who spends years and years searching for the pearl of great price.

How can we overcome our modern, right-now mentality in order to let God work in our lives at his own, wise pace?

We have to look to our mothers.

Motherhood is a school of wisdom. For nine months a mother bears her child, who grows slowly, but surely and steadily, in her womb. She knows that she cannot rush the process; she must be patient, both before and after the child’s birth. And so each day becomes a precious opportunity to love, to hope, to wait, and to trust in the mysterious designs of God. This is the experience of every mother, and most especially of the Mother of God, Mary.

On this Mother’s Day, we should thank our mothers for their hidden sacrifices, their constant love, and their invaluable generosity. And we should do so even more in this day and age when mothers are under attack by a culture that undervalues motherhood. But we should not only thank them, we should also learn from them.

If motherhood is a school of wisdom, then by God’s providence we each have a lot to learn from our mothers (including the Blessed Virgin Mary).

And there is no better way to show our gratitude to them than by being good students ourselves.



  1. The pearls are definitely a great price but so valuable and precious when they arrive. I had a long and difficult pregnancy with my first. She was a traumatic birth. My fantasy of natural childbirth and motherhood were shattered so quickly. But in my trials, I found the ultimate gifts of God! Who is given everything…a loving and adoring husband, a solid and supportive family and a perfect child/children…but STILL tested?? That would be me, I guess. God bless you, beloved Fathers!

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