Happy Feast of the Annunciation! Reply

Teaching from home these days has been a learning experience. I’ve managed to adapt my lessons into online presentations, and from the feedback I have gotten back from the students so far, they seem to be learning. Thank God.

I feel I’ve dropped the ball in other areas, though, since I have this blog about Catholic liturgy and I didn’t post anything for St. Patrick’s Day or the Solemnity of St. Joseph. I could not let today’s Solemnity go by without publishing something.

My wife and I decided we needed some exercise this morning and we decided to go on a rigorous hike up Yonah Mountain, which we had never hiked before. In addition to today’s solemnity falling in the middle of what’s been a rough Lent (for all of us!!!) the day was just too gorgeous, after 3 days of constant rain, to pass up this opportunity. When we reached the summit, it was exactly 12:00 noon and I decided it was the perfect time to pray the Angelus, given the time of day and what day it was — the Feast of the Annunciation.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day. What ever situation or circumstances you find yourself in today, may the Lord shine his light on you. And take some moments to spend some time in prayer with God.

Here is my Feast of the Annunciation greeting. God bless you all!

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